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zo6 Production?


Chad Parnell

Hi....I just bought a silver (black/red) interior zo6 from GMC a few weeks ago. They told me it was an official test car used. The vin is #23. How can I check out this info along with finding the true production #'s on this instant classic?
If you are using the term "instant classic" literally and are figuring on the value of the car being more than other Z06es, think twice.

VIN 00023 is early enough for the car to have been used as either: media fleet car, VIP driver, employee "pep" car or some kind of engineering test vehicle. With exception of the first and the last, under most circumstances the car having that status prior to your ownership is worth *maybe* a cup of coffee. If the car was a media fleet car and you can document that it appeared in a number of newspaper or magazine articles, you *might* (and I mean "might" with a capital "M") have some impact in a future sale price. Of course, the potential downside of buying used media fleet cars is they sometimes have been severely abused by some of my fellow colleagues in the fourth estate. As for engineering vehicles, again, you need to document that.

The problem is documenting the car's history. You'll find GM usually unwilling to document (ie: give you something on paper) any car's history.

Another problem is whether or not the car's unique status early in the model year will be of value when you go to sell.

Production numbers for Z06es will probably be available when the model year ends in late June/early July.
I appreciate your info, but the car will never be up for sale! So the matter of resale is negligable. The car is an instant classic to me Hib!

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