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ZR1 size for my 93 LT1, help


Jun 25, 2015
south carolina
Hey, Havent bought tires in a very long time, 11 years. Vette was in Hawaii, and rarely was driven. Have GFG KD 275 front 315 rears right now. They were great tires back then. Hard as a rock now.
I need tires, dry summer only. I rarely see rain in this car now that I am back on the mainland of USA.
So, I have been through Tire Rack, and a few others, but I need recommendations from you all.
PS, I do have 425 RWHP with my 396LT1, so traction is paramount, but, I really cant run straight up slicks...lol.
I just looked at TireRack for ZR1 sized tires and the only one I have had experience with are the Goodyear F1 D3. I used them on my old C4 with ZR1 wheels.
Dry traction was terrific and they worked good in the rain. Expensive and the front tires are on back order at TR right now.

I have no experience with the Sumitomo tires TR shows. Much cheaper than the D3 and with a lower tread wear rating. These might be what you want/need.
There are a few choices available in the 315/35ZR17. The best one is the GS-D3, if you can get them. The worst one is the Sumitomo. That is just a terrible tire. It's only advantage is that it's cheap. Toyo makes a 315. Some of the ZR-1 people like the Vredestein brand. Lastly, BFG is supposedly just introduced a new tire in ZR-1 sizes called "Rival".

If straight-line enjoyment of that big Small-Block is your thing, also might want to look at one of the street legal drag radials. They stick real well and have minimal tread for occasional street use.
You may also want to check out the nitto's

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