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    Auto to Manual Pedals

    Im installing an lt1/and t56 in my auto 76 vette. How can I solve my pedal problem... I believe i read that the mounting "box" and brackets are the same for auto and manual. so all i will need to purchase are the brake and clutch pedals to replace the one brake pedal? Where can i find just the...
  2. 400hp_76

    LT1 EFI

    I found a site while doing a search for EFI solutions where the guy converts lt1 manifolds to fit SBC..My thinking is you can find LT1 parts for really cheap. Find a manifold, have it converted to fit your sbc. use the stock lt1 computer and control it with lt1 edit to customize the injection to...
  3. 400hp_76

    Widest tire with offset trailing arms and no flares?

    what is the widest tire you can get under the fenders with the offset trailing arms from vettebrakes with no flares. I saw in a corvette mag last month(maybe last month not sure) a guy had 315s.
  4. 400hp_76

    Post Your Hood Pics!!!!

    Did a search and never ran across a good post of everyones hood pics. They would be much appreciated!! sooooo post your pics
  5. 400hp_76

    tremec and t56 tranny!! help!!

    To keep it simple: will these trannys bolt up to a 76' 350. I am thinking they should, since both these trannys have been used with lt1s.....
  6. 400hp_76

    5 point harness bar

    What are several companies that make the bars. And does anyone have a harness bar in their car...if so i would like some pics. I am planning on fabbing one up. Its not a real difficult concept. I would appreciate your pics and info. thanks, tyler
  7. 400hp_76

    Any Ls1 swap guys???!!!

    Any body have any literature or know anything about Ls1 swaps into a C-3.
  8. 400hp_76

    Crousin' the Coast

    Any of you forum guys headed to bilouxi mississippi to cruisin the coast. It should be a blast!
  9. 400hp_76

    L-88 style hood

    I have sent PM to some of the guys on the forum about the L-88 style hood and visibility. I plan on autox so i need pretty darn good visibility. Anyone have any info they wanna share about that style hood, particularly the one from ecklers.
  10. 400hp_76

    late model suspension for your c3

    Saw an ad in vettefever mag. or corv. mag. it was last months issue maybe. Anyway, it is an 88-96 vette supsenion/frame/ and you bolt up a 68-72 body. some one tell me the name of the company please. thanks
  11. 400hp_76

    76 FOR SALE! May interest you!

    This car has a freshly built 350 bored over .40. Hypereutectic pistons with 10:1 comp, steel crank, stock rods. Lunati street master cam, Ported and polished dart iron eagle heads 2.02int and 1.6 exh. with 72cc comb. chambers 200cc int. runners, ported and polished Edelbrock air gap manifold...
  12. 400hp_76

    Advanced cam.what timing?

    My cam card said to advance the cam 4 degrees. I hadnt done that before when the cam was in my other motor so i did it this time. My timing is sitting at 38deg. total advance, but i think that is too high. any advice? I guess i will find out at the dyno. cus timing can make or break you!
  13. 400hp_76

    To spray or not To spray

    Well im at the end of the road on engine modifications. I think i am going to buy a nitrous kit(cheaper than turbo and superchargers). Either the hidden under the breather nitrous kit or the sniper. I will probably go with the sniper ...best adjustable bang for the buck. Everyone is telling me i...
  14. 400hp_76

    Im Back In Action!!

    Finished up saturday putting the new motor in. All in all went together smoothly. Came out spending just a dab over 1200 bucks. $600 for the shortblock and $610 for the heads. And you ask a shortblock for 600 bucks? In short,Close cousin, extreme amount of money. Saw him put the block together...
  15. 400hp_76

    700R4 converter for sale

    700r4 converter for sale I hate putting something up for sale on this site, but it has become nessecary. Most of you know i blew my engine before Christmas. Well the heads are costing me 530 bucks(i am just now scraping up enough to buy the new shortblock). The block is busted, but i...
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