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    Help! Parking brake way to tight.

    Hi everyone, haven't been on in a while but I need some help. Yesterday I put new pad's and rotors all around my LT-4 and had no problems until I went to put the rear caliper with new pads on the rear, kind of had to force them on, all the research that I have done keep's steering me to the...
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    Grand Sport Someone's Getting a New Grand Sport

    Really Nice ! :thumb
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    Question: The ongoing remote fob issue!

    OK, I'll make this short.Read all the postings on retraining the two fob's for my 99. Did everything by the book but I get no further than fob #2 recognized ,of course I did #1 first but when I hold lock-unlock I get no response from the horn and both fob's are dead in the water p.s. new...
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    another test

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    Just another test

    I think I might just have it!! :boogie NOPE!!!
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    How do you post larger attachments?

    http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x174/bobsvette/corvetts011.jpg I'm lost on how to post larger pic's
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    just another test
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    Eating crow

    O.K. Here goes, A while back not to long ago I put in a post to johnnyk, when he was buying a white C-5, to get right to the point I said I wasn't worried about driving in the rain, These car's are built well and I'm not concerned with the electronic's. Man was I wrong. Last thur. had some...
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    last time for today

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    one more time

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    just another test

    didn't work:eyerole
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    Pics of my 96 Aqua blue metallic LT-4 (and the '99)

    Just trying out a picture hosting site for the first time. This is my 96 Aqua blue metallic LT-4 and my wife's 99 Pewter Automatic Coupe. I Hope I did it right! :) bobsvette
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    Car security!

    Hi all, looking for some added security for my two cherished vettes I have a 96 6-speed and a 99 auto both of course have electronic alarms but as we all know If a pro want's something he's going to get it . I was looking at the shifter lock from eckler's for the auto and The Club for the 96 ...
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