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    VIN number help!!

    My friend next door has a 74 coupe with a big block in it. I can tell the engine has been removed at one point. Trying to figure out if this is the correct block for this car. The vin# is 1Z37Z4S417181 on the pillar post. On the block it reads T0123CWR 14S417181. Thanks for any help anyone...
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    HELP!! 72 side glass decoding

    Restoring 72 coupe which has no door glass. Need to know what numbers and letters need to be on this glass. 1st owner claimed it came with tinted glass. Will it say tinted on it or just say Soft-Ray? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    Help! Cruise control

    I have a 72 corvette that has alot of options.I tracked down the first original owner.He worked for Chevrolet.He ordered alot of extras.it has cruise control on it.The problem is a wire in the metal turn signal shaft has broken.The only way to fix this is to replace it.This looks like a factory...
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    rear window cushions

    Does anyone know where the anti raddle cushions go on the rear window storage area?Does someone have a picture or can describe it in detail?I am handy-capped and have a hard time getting to this area.:confusedThanks for any help you can give me!
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    Question: moon roof glass

    Does anyone out there know where I can get glass made for a set of moon roof?I have a couple sets but the glass is no good and it looks better if you paint the top first and then install the glass.Thanks for any help!:upthumbs
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    Help! New door weatherstripping

    :wAnyone out there have an easy way to install new door weatherstripping on a freshly painted door without getting that yellow 3M glue all over the place?I have a green 72 coupe, that yellow glue shows up real bright on that green. I know someone has a trick out ther to make this job a bit...
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    Question: eletrical problem

    Hi! I have a question about an electrical part.Hopefully someone can help me.I have a 1972 coupe and had to remove the steering column to do a repair.After un-hooking all the wires I noticed a wire was hanging lose.I traced it done to a capacitor mounted on the ignition switch.I can not fix it...
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    Help! Glass T tops

    Need some help! I have a set of t tops which have fiberglass around the edges and glass in the middle.the problem is they are pretty scratched up.A lot of fine scatches.I don't know if I can get them buffed out or if I can get the glass replaced.I have a green color car and the glass is...
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    1972 corvette emblems

    Can anyone tell me the difference in the making of the outside emblems?I've seen and know the cheap "repo" emblems.What confuses me is the difference between NOS and new.The new emblems have the part number on them but have extra letters on the other side.Also the color red does not match.Is...
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