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    Help! Hood on 63

    I'm having problems with my hood unlatching while driving. Do I need to replace all the parts or could it be an adjustment problem? Any suggestions I would appreciate.
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    knock offs

    I'm looking to buy knock offs for my 63. I'm trying to decide direct bolt on, or true knock off style. A friend of mine told me that there is a problem balancing true knock off's. I'm leaning towards bolt on, unless I can find an affordable original set. Does anyone have any comments about...
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    master cylinder gasket

    Anyone know where I can get a master cylinder gasket? I have a 1963 and the only gasket I can find for my master cylinder is one for the firewall, not the one that goes between the booster and master cylinder. I'm installing a brake booster and I'm trying to keep it original, so I'm keeping...
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    oil pan

    I just installed a power steering system on my 63. Does anyone know if I would have a problem if I don't have the oil pan for power steering. I didn't even realize that there was an ps oil pan. It doesn't seem as though there is any interferance with the oil pan I have.
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    Can anyone explain what the purpose of all the capacitors are for in my 63 vette.
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    steering coupler

    I bought the steering coupler repair kit and I am trying to figure out how to install the flexible coupling. I'm guessing I have to drill out the rivits and find a press to install the new ones. If thats the case, is there anyway of doing it without a press? Scot
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    Anyone know what the best way to peen the rivits. I'm familiar with a rivit gun, but not the rivits you have peen over with a hammer. I'm trying to figure out how to do it without damaging the fiberglass. Scot
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    engine identification

    Does anyone know where the engine suffix id numbers can be found on a 63. If trying to identify my block to see if it is a L75 or L76. Most of the parts point to a L75. Altough, without the original air cleaner things have been changed. The filler neck dosn't have the nipple for the air...
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    63 convertible weatherstripping

    Air leakage at the top of the windshield. I've replaced the weatherstripping and adjusted the convertible top clamps, but still get a little air to pass through. Does anyone know if this is a common problem with the C2's? Scot
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    1963 options

    Is it possible to tell what options came on the car? Are there any identification tags? I have a 1963 convertible and would like to add power steering and power brakes. Would it depreciate in value if I do so?
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