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    Need alignment shop - central Mass

    Last month the wife and I took the vette on a 3500 mile road trip. When we returned I noticed a little uneven tire wear and cupping on the inside edges of the front tires. Before I put new rubber on it, I need to get the alignment check out. Looking for a good alignment shop here in...
  2. John-C5

    Wipers have a mind of there own

    Went out last night to take my 02 for a ride and when I turned the key on the wipers started up. The wipers were off when the car was parked last and it hasn’t been out in the rain for days. Moving the switch through the different positions has no effect on the wipers. Is this something that...
  3. John-C5

    02 Instrument Panel lights – question

    When I open the door of my 02 the instrument panel lights come on. They stay on until I turn the ignition switch on and at that time they go out. If you turn on my head lights they come back on and the brightness control works. I drove a few C5’s before I bought this one but I can’t remember...
  4. John-C5

    Need help with DTC code 32

    Last week we took the vette on a little road trip. First day out it was really hot, 90+, and we got stuck in traffic due to some construction. After sitting in traffic for 15 – 20 minuets the service engine light came on. We made a stop at a winery, our mission for the trip, and when we headed...
  5. John-C5

    Seat foam installation

    I purchased a pair of bottom seat foam from Eckler’s for my 94. Didn’t look like too bad of a project and on one of my seats the foam had split, so it was time to do something. Didn’t have any problem removing the leather seat cover but I’m having a real hard time getting it on the new foam...
  6. John-C5

    Stock Thermostat for 94 LT1

    I decided to do a little maintenance on my cooling system, new antifreeze, thermostat and some water wetter to keep my baby running cool. When I started shopping around for a thermostat the replacement is listed as a 180 degree rather than the 195 that came in it. I check a couple of...
  7. John-C5

    Help Adjusting TPS on 94 LT1

    Installed a new TPS on my 1994 LT1 to try and correct an idle problem when the engine is hot and doing a lot of idling in traffic. Had the same problem with a 93 Buick that my GM dealer fixed with a new TPS. Problem is I can't see how you adjust it. Holes arn't sloted like on the older...
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