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    Question: Delaminated door panels on 97

    . Door Panel Delamination Fix Tutorial/Write Up/How To - CorvetteForum - Chevrolet Corvette Forum Discussion this is what i used.
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    Question: Batteries For C5 (Not Z06)

    i think extreme hot or cold temps can affect batteries, how much i dont know. here in Vegas the heat will affect the battery but issues dont show up until the cold weather hits..when they are strained
  3. jrbartholomew

    Any one out west going?

    just wondering if anybody else is going ?
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    coming home from dinner my son calls my wife. he was behind us in his WRX ,he tells her a C7 is behind him. we change lanes and he pulls up next to us,. i didnt think i would like it. i was wrong its really a good looking car..jeff
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    Grand Sport Article in new Motor Trend not very nice for us

    most people that argue about high end cars cant afford one anyways i know i cant, chevy made a sportscar almost any can get in to. 20000 $ for an 03 for what i wanted and could easily afford how great is that. this is our 3rd vette we really enjoy the car and other vette people. im always amazed...
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    satellite radio question

    im hooking up a xm in the C-5 and am wondering where to get power hooked to the accessory side of the ignition ? i would like it to turn off with the key. thanks jeff
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    back in a vette

    well we finally got another vette. its an 2003.pics to follow. been vetteless since 08. nice to be in one again jeff
  8. jrbartholomew

    gas prices

    i went for a cycle ride sat. the price for gas ,furnace creek ca. (death valley).glad i needed only 2 gals. jeff
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    is this real

    check this out http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/ebayISAPI.dll?viewitem&item=4581027348&ssPageName=ADME:B:EF:us:1 jeff
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    garage makeover

    almost finished with the make over. what do you think? i hope this link works. jeff http://www.villagephotos.com/pubbrowse.asp?folder_id=1407938
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    c 4 radiator

    has anyone seen these radiators or bought one. thanks jeff www.extremeradiator.com tell me what you think
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    bad day really bad

    well my wife calls me on her way home from work.she works in the mall for jcpenney.she tells me our new 04 black coupe has been hit with eggs. black paint outside temp 95 deg. you guessed it ruined paint.why do people do this kind of thing? got an estimate from fairway chevy 3500$ almost every...
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    happy day

    well we have one vette but today we bought another for wife!! new 2004 black coupe. its going to be her daily driver. we got a fair deal. didnt shop around a whole lot. its sure sweet .we kept the 87 vert . can life get any better? jeff
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