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    Heater-A/C Fan Making Terrible Noise

    Is the fan anywhere I can get to it to check and see if mice built a nest in there or there is a leaf caught or something? The higher I turn up the fan speed, the worse the noise. This is urgent, it's 90 degrees out today (with about 90% humidity) and I have a black interior - so even...
  2. Pinky

    Question: DIY Tranny fluid change in an automatic

    I've looked at a bunch of sites and am getting conflicting information on whether or not you can change the ATF yourself in an automatic C5. Has anyone here done it, if so what are the steps? Should the car be running or not when draining the fluid? ;help
  3. Pinky

    Help! Tranny fluid leak or ???

    Hey I'm back after an extended absence - with problems of course. When last we heard from our Heroine, a local SoCal dealership had effed up the bearing replacement. Got that "fixed". Found out the rear end linkage was also effed. Got that fixed. Was told the transmission fluid was the...
  4. Pinky

    Warning! The Bad News Saga, Part II or III

    So I took the Vette to the Stealership 8 am Saturday. They called back about noon, said it needed a wheel bearing (covered by warranty), and that somewhere along the line the wrong differential fluid had been used, so it needed to be replaced with a synthetic (not covered by the warranty, $175...
  5. Pinky

    More than meets the eye!

    Don't know if this has been posted anywhere yet but... ME LIKEY... Corvette Stingray Concept: Sideswipe In Disguise
  6. Pinky

    Help! Bad news or worse news?

    A few threads back I posed a question about my '98 convertible (automatic), but I'm starting to get worried that I will never drive my poor baby again. Here's the problem: a few months ago the car started developing a brake shudder; since I wasn't driving it far or often I didn't get it looked...
  7. Pinky

    How Much Are YOU Paying For Gas?

    I paid $4.03(point 9)/gal last night for Chevron Supreme. $70+ to fill the tank. And that wasn't even at the expensive Chevron! ;help
  8. Pinky

    Heater airflow ?

    The time finally came for me to turn on the heater in my '98 convertible. However, the driver's side seems to have little to NO air coming out when the switch is in the "floor" position, and the passenger's side has a little more but still not much, even when the fan is on the highest setting...
  9. Pinky

    Mix & Match Tires?

    Is it possible, or more to the point, advisable to mix tires? I have almost brand new Goodyear runflats on the front. It's going to be time for new ones on the back soon and I've heard good things about the Michelin Pilot Sport Zero pressure tire... I am wondering if I can mix them with the...
  10. Pinky

    Is it me or is it them?

    I had to take The Baby in for what turned out to be a minor repair (shifter sticking in park). I should explain that I did NOT buy the Vette from the local Chevy dealer, but I did buy an extended warranty and the dealer where I bought it sends me to the Chevy dealership to get the repairs done...
  11. Pinky

    Put It Away for the Winter??

    Now that I've concluded my study on The Wave (heh) I'm starting a new one: How many of you, particularly those in the harsher climates, drive your Vette year-round? If not, why not? I've only owned mine for this summer and I'm wondering if I'm going to eventually be riding the bus to work. :mad
  12. Pinky

    The $300 Thank You

    My passenger side door mirror had recently come loose from the mounting and was sliding all around so I had it temporarily taped in place ( :( ) - how embarassing during "Hot August Nights"! Anyhoo - thanks to all the GREAT tips we found on this forum, Mr. Pinky was able to repair the mirror...
  13. Pinky

    Tire Pressure Readout Problem

    Hi Vette Peeps, :w I'm a newbie Vette owner with a few questions: #1. I bought the car last month with 25,000 miles on it ('98 convertible). The tire pressure readout (on the digital display) is always reading "RF tire pressure low, service blah blah" If you hit "reset" and "trip" a few...
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