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    WTB: 17" & 18" wheels

    I'm looking for a set of OEM sized wheels for my coupe. I bought a set of run-flat mud and snows and would rather have them mounted on their own cheap set of wheels rather then having to switch out the tires on my stock polished wheels every time the season changes. Any one have a cheap set of...
  2. PreacherNutshot

    Finally Did My Homelink Mod

    Using a donor C5 visor and a homelink equipped visor from an '05 Monte Carlo I now have Homelink in my Vette. I've seen retrofitted visors for sale online for $229 (you supply the visor) to $289 for a plug and play. Instead I spent $90 ($25 for donor visor, $30 for homelink visor, $30 to...
  3. PreacherNutshot

    Open targa cover (who sells them?)

    I once saw a vinyl cover that you could use to cover your opening left when you had your targa (glass/painted) roof off. For example - I have my top off and I run to the grocery store - I don't want to leave my interior exposed, nor do I want some a-hole cavalierly tossing a soda into my car...
  4. PreacherNutshot

    WTB: black driver side visor (97-04 coupe)

    I'm going to retro fit a homelink transmitter and would like to use a donor visor.
  5. PreacherNutshot

    WTB: Cargo net clip

    WTB: Upper cargo net clips For some reason my 2004 Coupe didn't come with the upper clips/anchors for the cargo net. It came with the net and cargo cover kit. And I have the lower anchors. Does any one have a set (2) of these clips? NOTE: I "borrowed" the picture from another thread.
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    Behind the seat storage pouch.

    I'm trying to find a storage pouch for behind the seats. There a beautiful leather model for the C6, has anyone seen anything comperable for the C5? http://www.westcoastcorvette.com/shop_online/prod_detail.cfm?id=1670 Or better yet, can someone confirm that the C6 pouch will work in our...
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