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    Happy New Year ..everyone:m
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    Corvette c6 wheels and new michelin tires

    Set of 4 with new michelin pilot sport a/s plus zp, new tpms. Rims recent cyber gray powder coating (aug2012) asking $2100.00 obo.. Columbus ohio area. 614-290-4492...lv msg or txt if interested.
  3. r50thc5

    Visual stupidity

    Aaaarg! I miss judged pulling into the driveway with my 2013 427. YES I scraped (hit the curb) the splitter. Big time, need to call the insurance company. The car has 230 miles on it, so stupid. Anyone know what the replacement cost will be. The damaged is to bad to repair in my opinion...
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    Grand Sport Clear Bra

    Aap Glad you are happy with their work. My 2013 Callaway 60th vert. arrives this week and will be going directly there for the clr bra treatment. They did one other 60th recently and it looked good. :beer
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    C6 Tire TPMS

    How long does it take the transmitters go into their sleep mode after you park your car. If you have two complete sets of tires (which I will have this week), how far away from your car does the other tires have to be as not to interfere with the car and it's own computer and sensors. Can I...
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    2006 OEM wheels

    I have my old 2006 painted silver OEM wheels. I hope to have them power coated (Cyber Grey metalic) if they will on on my 2009. Any expertise greatly appreciated. I will test fit them once I dig them out, just looking ahead. Many thanks.
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    air bag light

    Having issues with the dash Airbag warning light. Has been addressed by the dealer but after a couple weeks it returns. Starts out intermittent, then stays on more than off. Usually after 10-15 mins of driving. This is the 2nd dealer repair. Has anyone else had this issue and did you get it...
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