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    Grand Sport Question: Vibration

    Sounds like a vibration? My question is: do you feel this vibration? If so, is the vibration in the steering wheel? the butt of your seat? in the pedals? Also, is your Vette a Manual 6 (M6) or Automatic 6 (A6)?
  2. Ripp 73

    Not New but Returning Member

    Greetings All, I have been away from the CAC for some time now. Occasionally I have pulled the home page up, looked around for a couple of minutes, and then left. But I am happy to say, that I'll be back on a more permanent basis again. I owned a 1976 coupe about 5 years ago and have had the...
  3. Ripp 73

    A Mustang Wagon

    Oh how I cannot resist to post this. Just found this article on the Cnn.com website about the possibility of a four door mustang. Glad to see we are not the only ones that have some complaints with the automaker at times. We talk about the V6 corvette as being a bad idea (or good to some)...
  4. Ripp 73

    Question on raising the Rear

    Hey guys:D, got a quick question:L. The vehicle this time is a 90 L98 with automatic transmission:lou. What is the best way to raise the rear end with a single jack. I only have two floor stands and one jack. The floor stands are already in place for the front. So I am looking for the best...
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    Wheel Center Caps

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a gift for the father-in-law. He just recently bought a set of wheels for his 1990. He went with a set of C5 wheels. The problem is the center cap has the C5 logo on it. I want to find him a set of C4 logo's to go in the center. Anyone have an idea of where to look...
  6. Ripp 73

    Throttle Performance Switch

    I just received my Mid America Magazine and was flipping through when I found a Throttle Performance Switch for L83's, L98's, LT1's and LT4's. This is on page 57 of the all years book (53 - 06). I was curious if anyone has added this to their Vettes? Has anyone noticed any difference? It doesn't...
  7. Ripp 73

    It has begun

    Not sure if this has been posted already or not... but it looks like the dealers are already drooling over the new Z06 and the money it will bring in. E-bay auction. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=6168&item=4557139821&rd=1 They want you to pay MSRP plus...
  8. Ripp 73

    Rocket Fuel Vs. Corvette Fuel

    I was down in Orlando last week and went to the NASA launch sites. What a great place to visit (even got to see a DSO C6 :cool run on the base) and lots of great information. So what is this doing on the CAC you're asking? At one of the tourist spots they have a sign showing the ratio of fuel a...
  9. Ripp 73

    Another C3 Brake Question

    Hello guys, I have been away for a little while down in Orlando and I will say it was beautiful. Anyway, I got home and have some time to work on the Corvette some. I replaced the remaining two calipers that were old (and faulty) and also at the same time replaced the master cylinder. Here...
  10. Ripp 73

    30mph rear hit

    I saw on a show the other day (not Corvette specific but cars in general) that said the government regulated that cars must be able to with stand a hit at 30mph from the rear and not break the fuel cell. As this is not something I personally want to try :ugh in my Corvette I was wondering if...
  11. Ripp 73

    the Good & the Bad

    It has been a long cold winter and too long of a time not to be around the Stingray. As some of you may know she is resting back in my hometown while I am at college about 3 hours away. This weekend I got to go home and take her out almost all day (enough to get my nose sunburned :D). After...
  12. Ripp 73

    Third Brake Light

    Ok, I may be going crazy from the cold :Silly but has anyone ever thought about adding a third or center brake light to their C3's? At first I had thought about just putting one in the rear window. But the colder it is outside and the more I think about it I wonder if anyone hasn't fabricated...
  13. Ripp 73

    ZR1 parts for a L98

    My friend has a 1990 L98 (supposedly). However, when ever he has to add or replace a part for the engine he has to use parts for a ZR1. For instance he had to replace the alternator, but the one for the L98 did not fit, but a ZR1 did. The same thing for the Air Filter and the PCV Valve. Recently...
  14. Ripp 73

    I'm Feeling Speed Bumps

    So here is my problem. As I am driving down the road I can feel something that feels like maybe a grind? Really it feels like I am running over those smaller speed bumps or rumble strips before construction zones. I do not feel it until I hit about 55mph, it becomes more prominent as I...
  15. Ripp 73

    Black Painted Alternator

    Hello CAC, I was wondering if anyone has tried these Black Painted Alternators on their car? http://www.madvet.com/shop?frame=4.137.5642 I have heard in the past that some people have problems with their wiring when putting in an alternator that can push more amps then the original...
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