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$18,500 for a '92?

Feb 13, 2003
San Jose, CA
1972 LT-1/Air coupe w/all options
I saw an ad for a local '92 ZR-1 for $18,500. It's described as "Red with Black Leather, Showroom Condition." The price seems a bit low to me although there could be any number of reasons. . .

I haven't yet seen pics or gotten a VIN for a CarFax. . .

Just a pipe dream, but what do y'all think?
I’m already suspicious... it’s priced where a nice ’92 LT1 would be. Something is fishy here.

You may want to check it out, seeing is believeng.

As far as price, vehicle condition and mileage will dictate it. Go take a look if you can. If you can get a good look at it and get some details from the seller report back what you have learned and we can go from there.

The way I feel about it is "nothing ventured nothing gained." It can't hurt to look.

BTW I had a 72 roadster for over 10 years. I really enjoyed the car a bunch but had to let it go just before my son was born. But I have always lusted after the 70's LT-1 one of my all time favorites.
I just got an email back from the guy. The car is about 80-100 miles from here so it may not get a visit (that's not far until you factor in a 3 and 5 year old and a wife who'd rather have a minivan than another Vette. . .) but it looks okay in low-res pictures! :)

Shoot me a PM or drop me an email if you'd like me to forward the pics. I'm not going to post them here because they aren't mine to share with the whole world.

43,700 miles, clean looking red paint, clean looking black leather interior. From the pictures it's an automatic, but I could be seeing things. It's got the right wheels and what looks like a ZR1 badge on the rump.

I asked for more info so we'll see what transpires.

Who knows, maybe the owner is a CAC member or lurker! :D
From the pictures it's an automatic, but I could be seeing things. :D

If you find that it’s an auto, it’s not a ZR-1... unless somone converted it to an auto at a great expense. If it’s the 4L60 in there, that tranny wasn’t designed to handle the LT5’s power.

If it’s a Z at that price (and it checks out) BUY IT!

I should ad that I’ve run into several ads that I got excited about that turned out to be LT1’s advertised as ZR-1’s. I’ve run into it twice now. :mad

If you see a pic from the rear look for the black fillers between the back up lights and the tag..if none no ZR-1
$18500 is a smoking price for any drivable Z.

I am in the process of selling my 91 ZR1. It will go out the door for 25000€ that is +/-$32k and it is not a very good Z... that is why I am selling it. I will be in the market for another ZR1 as soon as the check clears. I want a totally stock 90 or 91 black on black.
91king took a look at the pictures and verified that what we have here is a misrepresented LT-1.

Thanks! :)

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