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1966 Corvette help please


New member
Dec 28, 2019
Bayfield, Colorado
1966 Silver Pearl/sliver convertible
I have a '66 convertible and am trying to remove the two metal sleeves that cover the steering column. I have removed the top one, but am having trouble removing the lower (somewhat conical) sleeve. I did the easy stuff, removed the turn signal stalk, removed the 3 screws that hold the white plastic piece, loosened the collar and the other metal piece that attach to the bottom of the instrument panel. Loosened the wiring harness so it can slide, but it does not want to slide up with the sleeve.
Hope you can follow this and give me some advice. I want to get the two sleeves repainted.
Rob, I believe a welcome is in order. :w As for the problem removing the collars...I'm thinking it's time to give up and just give that ole piece of junk 66 Corvette to me. :D I think it must be too much work, that it's not worth the effort. Heck, I'll even come pick it up for you.......
In reality, we have some really great guys who'll be able to help you get things done. (thinking the whole column probably needs to come out, but I'm probably wrong)
Welcome to CAC!!!!
Moving out of the Site Help and Feedback forum and into the C1/C2 Forum...
Didn't even realize where it was, Rob. Thanks for the move.

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