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1986 identification questions


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
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If I saw a 1986 coupe with 4+3 transmission, which heads would it have? If it has aluminum heads and center screw valve covers, would it also have a roller cam? I know my 86 convertible had aluminum heads, but a flat tappet cam. Did any of the coupes have aluminum heads? Am I going in circles here?
I thought all '86's came with aluminum heads. I could be wrong though. I'm not sure what kind of cams they had .....
I have seen several 86 couples with the cast iron heads and permiter screw valve covers (just like the 85 models).

We looked at an 86 today with the 4+3 trans (coupe) with aluminum heads. The motor physically looked newer than the car. I forgot to write down the vin to get a production sequence. My buddy does not every remember the 86 coupes having aluminum heads.
alum. heads...

Aluminum heads were on later 86 corvettes, I have an 86 convertable later production. I think there was a problem with the original aluminum head design so the cast heads were a quick fix till the aluminum heads were redesigned. Hey 5 extra horses may not be much but it helps.:eyerole

duh..forgot you added that Rob.Brain dead as usual. Just finished getting my wifes 72 cougar running again after one year as a garage queen. Not used to being around folks with good cars.

:s Barry

Yes, there is the answer. I guess this car must have been a late production model.

That also explains why I have seen so many couples with the cast iron heads, and my 86 Convertible had the aluminum ones.

Thanks Rob.
Hey don't feel bad Barry, Jay was the first to respond to your question. He forgot about the portal when he answered, and he's a moderator!

And even I am still realizing that I begin to direct people to other sources, when I remember that we have a great source of information right here in this community. As a matter-of-fact, when I first saw this thread, I started reaching for the black book to give you specifics (the aluminum heads were a late release on the coupes, that I know) but then I saw Rob's reminder in his reply. ;)

Thanks Ken. You raise a good point. "There is life beyond the Corvette Action Center Community" you know. :D

All kidding aside, I don't mind reminding folks that there is MUCH more here than just the Community Forums. :)
Rob said:
There is life beyond the "Corvette Action Center Community" you know. :D

Hey Rob, it's the only job I've got! [size=-2]It's just too bad I can't get paid for it![/size] :L

Ken said:

Hey Rob, it's the only job I've got! [size=-2]It's just too bad I can't get paid for it![/size] :L


Maybe someday. Ya never know. ;)

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