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1990 Computer Gremlin


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Yesterday I drove the 90 six speed to the mother in laws house for a little 4th of July cook out. Other than my brake post question, no problems.

The car sat for about 3 hours. When I started it up to leave the check engine light (code 32) came on right away and it was holding a high idle with a slight miss. The dash was flashing SYS right next to the speedo reading. The auto climate control would not engage the a/c compressor-however the blower motor and vent position worked fine.

I started down the road and noticed that the speedo never budged off zero, but all the other gauges were working (forgot to check the trip odometer). The SYS continued to flash. The engine would not rev over 3,500 without breaking up and it continued to hold a high idle all the way home (four miles). The a/c would not engage.

(Typically I only drive the car when it has a problem)--So, I took it to work today and left her with the family sedan. Anyway, it started right up and drove PERFECT all the 27 miles to work today. The a/c froze me out of the car. Speedo worked fine, no check engine light, and excellent acceleration. I will read the CCM codes as soon as possible to determine what the SYS was all about. I can only assume a faulty VSS or bad connection. Very strange.

Any ideas?
Quick up date

Since the above noted problem has developed, I talked with Nikki about it. She tells me that it has done this before. However, she usually shuts the car off, waits a few moments and restarts. The problem almost always clears on the restart.

This is making me think she has a loose connection or bad ground. The problem might be through the CCM.

Any suggestions?
The codes should tell you where to look, but it sounds like a bad sensor is forcing the computer in a "limp home" mode. Could be the chip itself. Updated ones are available from GM, generall under $50.

Let us know what happens.

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