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1990 Corvette electrical



I recently replaced my alternator and noticed that the voltage meter is at around 16 volts instead of around 14. Is this normal or could there be another problem and also my antennae won't go back down. Is there a fix for this ??

Thanks, Gary

I meant to check into this last night and forgot. I will try to go through some books tonight and get an answer to your question.

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Based upon what I've read in the 1990 owner's manual and service manual, 14-16 on the analog voltmeter gage would be normal. In my own unprofessional opinion, I don't think you're having any electrical problems based upon the information you've provided and what I've read.

As for the radio antenna not going down, it sounds like the drive cable may be broken. As per the service manual: "A broken drive cable condition may also be repaired with a replaceable mast, but removal of the complete antenna assembly may be required to ensure all pieces of the drive cable have been removed." Removal and replacement procedures follow. If you haven't already, I highly suggest you invest in a 1990 Service Manual for your Corvette if you plan on doing performing your own diagnostics and repair. They are invaluable. You can call Helm to order one (their phone number is on our Phone Directory and their website is http://www.helm.com
OK - Thanks Rob for the info. One thing though, the antennae stuff happened with the power dying on the car from the alternator going, is there some relation to that ??
I can't say for sure. Again, your best bet is to obtain a service manual and follow the diagnostic procedures in their for radio and antenna.

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