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1995 Dash



Has anyone out there had a problem with their dash coming up in the corners by the windsheild & in front of the center vent?
1995 C4 15000 miles.

This car is literally perfect other than this dash problem any suggestions on a fix. Short of replacement?
I'm not aware of this problem in the C4, but please make sure you don't have your Caps Lock set on your computer keyboard. When you post in all caps, it indicates that you're shouting. Thanks. :)
mine's bowed up a bit in front of the vent.
dash protection

For what it's worth! In order to make sure the heat from intense sun exposure, I purchased a dash cover and use it when the car is parked directly in the sun - especially if the top is down. The cover is conveniently stored behind the seats and can be readily accessed when necessary. Most of the dash damage I have experienced has been due to repeated exposure to the heat from the sun.


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