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350 Block



Any one know where I could find a good assembeled 350 block, new or rebuilt at a resonable price ? I am going to have to order one next week the best I have come up with is in MA and the want $$1750, for a built and balance block. I just want to make sure Im not getting ripped off or make the correct purchase here.

For any of you who you my recent issues I added performer rpm heads, cam, carb manifold. 500 miles later ...knock knock. They pulled my block apart this week and all the rod bearding on one side of the block were gone. The crankshaft was ripped up pretty bad as well, but only on the one side. Im not sure why but one side seems to have given up on me.

I now am trying to buy a new assembled block rather then rebuld mine, form a cost point is should only be a $ 300 diffrence. And I dont want to miss the summer waiting weeks for the machining and building and balancing.


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May 12, 2002
Central NY
I just replaced my block. I went to www.PACEPerformance.com. There price was reasonable, they had it in stock and were good with delivery. The GM Goodwrench universal 350. It goes for around$1500. Thats a new block/ heads and it bolts up to everything thats on the old block. It comes painted black. I changed the cam and re-did all the seals before I dropped it in mine. Very tight and has about 250hp/ 350ftlbs. Im happy, this will hold me over for now. It has the same power band that the car had originally. Idle to 4500rpms. Jim Pace- 1-888-748-4655. Happy hunting

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