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64 L76 won't rev!


Mar 31, 2012
Alexandria VA
1964 l76
Just bought a 64 with the 365 hp engine. Runs strong up to about 4700 rpm, then goes soft, coughs a bit and just runs out of steam. It won't rev any higher than that. Once ( only once) it dieseled after I shut it down. I'm thinking that's an ignition issue, maybe replacing the coil with a new one and replacing the points with a Pertronix module. Any thoughts. Any help from the community would be appreciated before I just start spending money.
After you do that, check the fuel system for:

faulty fuel filter
restricted fuel lines
plugged fuel pickup "sock"
Carb float level
Faulty carb

Good luck.
Don't be too quick to blame the points. If they appear in good condition and the distributor shaft bushings aren't wore out I'd look elsewhere first. Check all of your basic tune up items, specs and adjustments before changing parts. It does sound like a fuel issue but confirm the basics first.

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So I took a chance and bought a Pertronix Ignitor III and Flame Thrower coil, set the rev limiter at 6000 and put it all in. Pulls smoothly right up to the limiter, no issues. What a great car. Thanks everyone again for the help.

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