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'69 fan clutch noise


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Sep 6, 2012
Woodland Hills CA
1995 Red ZR-1
I have a recent "restoration" & the fan clutch is new. It measures 7 1/4" in diameter (not a thermal) with a 7 blade aluminum fan. With the hood open it's like a tornado in my garage. The noise is so loud when driving, the engine, trans, radio are drowned out. Doesn't help I have 4.11s either (but that will change soon).

Engine is 350/350 with A/C. I was told the intent was to "boost'" the cooling. So you're gonna ask what the engine temp runs at & I have to say the temp gauge does not work, but that's another project for another time.

I would like to replace the clutch with something more appropriate. I wouldn't mind keeping the 7 blade fan if it's not too much for the new clutch. The parts houses have a myriad of clutches (A/C - no A/C, thermal-non thermal) as well as 5 & 6 blade fans.

So my question is: what clutch/fan combo works best?


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