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'72 Steering wheel



'72 Steering Wheel :w I've seen
steering wheels made by a company called Grant and was
wondering if anyone knows if they would fit onto my 1972
Stingray? She's a pretty sunflower yellow and has tilt/tele. Thanks for any advice.
markt Welcome to The Corvette Action Center

I haven't heard of "Grant" Steering Wheels. I wonder if they have a website, or if anyone know of a website or email address for them. There is some really seasoned Corvette people here at CAC hopefully one our members have tried a Grant Steering Wheel and can provide you some advice.

Take a few minutes and take in the rest of CAC. Better yet, tomorrow Rob is putting the finishing touches on the Software Upgrade and the Forum Portion of The Corvette Action Center will be down for awhile. That would be a good time to check out the rest of CAC

Good luck with your steering wheel question.

OOOPS wrong site try this onehttp ://www.grantproducts.com/:J
Grant Steering Wheels


Grant makes aftermarket steering wheels that can be found in most local auto supply stores. I recently installed one in a 1984 Z28 camaro. Procedure should be the same for your corvette.

1.) Pick the Grant wheel of your choice.

2.) Crossreference chart for installation kit for your car.

3.) Obtain or borrow steering wheel puller. Usually the store you purchase from will loan you a steering wheel puller.

4.) Disconnect battery.

5.) Pull old steering wheel and follow instructions for installing new steering wheel.

6.) Reconnect battery, test horn and turn directionals.

7.) Admire new steering wheel.

Anybody else make steering wheels that will fit my Red 1972. I want black spokes with red leather wrap. Mid America is back ordered on the LECARRA. They said they wont even accept orders. I didn't see one on the GRANT site.


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