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73 FAILED DMV vin inspection


Motor head!!!!
Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
Well I guess I asked for this, My car has been non-op for about 10 years however that didn't stop me from driving around the block once a month.

So I decided to make it legal once again. I paid my $82.00 and went back to DMV one crisp saturday morning.

The lady flunked me because the white sticker by the Master cylinder ( emissions routing ) was missing...

Everything else was in proper order.

I tried to use logic that the car was exempt from emissions and what did it matter, and there was NO id number on the sticker.. etc etc.
It was obvious she was cold... and didn't want to spend another second outside.

.....Using logic on a government worker... well nuff said there.

Now I have to go to the CHP and get my vin verified.

I did get my red sticker and off to the shop I went. It felt good to get her back on the highway.

I finished the Lonestar cailper swap and my 73 stops better than my 88.

I'm having the Master Vac booster changed & the power steering ram resealed ( and if Santa's in a good mood) I found a cherry pair of stock 73 seats in Medium Camel for $350.00 ( trading my 76 leather in with a rip down the back)

Next on the list the lower a arm bushings are shot ( left side) and alignment.

Oh yes, my after market power antenna is stuck in the down position.

It's almost ALIVE!

Happy Holidays

Don'tcha just love the DMV and Gov't personnel in general Mike? :L

Glad to hear that the '73s on the road again. :upthumbs

_ken :w
And now the bad news

Need new front bushings, and a bit of front end welding... typical shark cracks. I won't get it back till Jan 4th... Wahhhhhhh! Oh well. The "Cherry" seats were ruined by the local "Shop Cat" who after 5 minutes from taking the seats down from the top rack backed up and sprayed a load into both seats.....

Needless to say the owner was PO'ed.

( Looking into recovering my seats )

Some times ya gotta laugh.

Just phone Ecklers, MidAmerica, or one of the other Vette vendors and have them overnight a new sticker to you. Just slap it on and away you go.

cat spray

The liquid won't stain if it is cleaned quickly. There is a product called "Odo-ban" that will neutralize the odor making properties of cat spray on a chemical level. This changes the pheromones that attract other cats to spray in the same area. (and also causes those old odors to resurrect on warm days)
I am confident in the ability of this product, and if this situation were presented to me, I would not hesitate to clean the seats myself and install them into my vehicle.

You may wish to purchase those seats, and the product I mentioned, and be able to get the seats for a steal. If anything, it is a GREAT bargaining tool. "Hey, man...the cat showered them!"

Always leave the windows up enough to prevent animals from entering the vehicle, no matter where you are parked.
Odo-Ban. One of my favorite things in life.

Isnt that what the german's drive on......

The Spraying happened Saturday late afternoon, the shop is closed until Wednesday...I think I'll pass on these unless I can get the seats for the frame price. Reguardless of chemistry claims there just something that bothers me about sitting in a seat that has been PI**ED on.

Racer78 said:
He comes back to his car to find 50 tom cats circling the car :L

"Officier to Dispatch--We have a situation here, 50 or so various years of Mercury Cougars are orbiting a '73 Corvette whose left seat occupant looks 'concerned' and the Cougars look like they need to...go.
Hi Mike,
Why are you changing out the master vac booster. I have a 73 non power brakes that I'm toying with changing over to power brakes. Interested in selling the old vac booster? Thanks,
Sure if you like vac leaks

The diaphram was ruptured

(now there's alot of opel mantas running around the car)

I got a reman for 176 + a 15.00 core

I sent mine back already ( Sorry )


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