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74 Headlight Switch hisssss!



My son's 74 Coupe has developed a hissing noise at the headlight switch on the dash. Does the switch need replacing or is it a loose hose? Do you have to remove the dash to get at it?

Any assistance is appreciated.

Yoda, any ideas from your wealth of knowledge?

Mike Henderson
Mike, I would guess that there is a vacumm leak at the headlight switch. The headlight switch is also a vacumm switch for the headlight buckets. Either the switch has gone bad, or is going bad, or the vaccumm hoses that attach to the switch is off or is coming off. It is easier and safer, to remove the dash, but if the switch hose is loose you may be able to remove the screws and slip your fingers in and put it back on.................Steve
hi Mike

ssvette pretty much says it all ;0

I know on the 81, you can take the air conditioning duct work out from under the steering column (fairly easy) and access the switch and the vacuum hoses. I don't recall which hose went where. But it does make a difference, one hose goes to the switch right under the steering column and the other goes through the firewall, if these are reversed .. the head lights will only pop up via the small switch under the column and close via the regular light switch.

Check out L81VetteRegistry Tech Pages too.

Good to hear from you. Hows Hava89 running? and what has Bob been up to lately?

Thanks Steve and Bud ~

Looks like I'll be digging in this weekend to see what I can find. Just hope it doen't turn out to be one of those:mad ....... all day jobs! Gets too hot here by noon:(

Say Bud ~ Bobby is doing great in classes at Seattle. Never calls tho and still trying to get him to register here at CACC. Hard to twist his arm 1400 miles away:eyerole

Be seeing ya!

Removed the padded dash cover and easy access to the headlight switch. Had a hard time removing the switch.

Found that there's a little "spring loaded" button to depress to release the switch knob/rod from the switch.

Might know, the complete manuals are still with my son in Seattle. Called him and he scanned the manual section and emailed me the directions. Took a minute to remove.

Now, waiting for the replacement and put things back in place.

Man Bob is really lucky to have a dad like you :)

You have to admit it ... it is kind of fun working on these old SHARKS eh.. huh Mike.

"You gotta love these old SHARKS If you're going to drive 'em"


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