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Question: 84 dash

douglas foster

Well-known member
Aug 18, 2005
minnesota usa
1984 C4 Gold coupe, Z51, 4+3 manual, BBS rims,
All dash funtions work great, except the speed digital read out is not as bright as the tach readout? Could it be just the bulb? and is it a replaceable process, with out removing the cluster?
Hi douglas, Yes and yes. The first time you lift out the facia it's a bit tricky. Make sure you undo ALL the screws, including those on the drivers side jamb, pull off the small metal caps to expose the bulb(s) , remove and replace carefully, using long nose pliers, with cloth between them and the bulb. Also see other posts on this......Roger.
father & son

Roger, thanks for your reply. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. Followed your advice it was a complete success. The one thing i would like to worn all C4 owners about,if they incure this same problem, is to watch out when buying a replacement bulb!! I went to a local GM dealer to buy my 882 bulb, the parts manager said,"you better sit down,your replacement 882 bulb will cost $44.00,and that includes MN. sales tax. Plus it will take 4 days to get, no local dealers have any on hand". I told him,"i will look around". went to Auto Zone,don't stock,told Napa my stock but, tried O'riley auto in my area. Agent checked computer had two 882s instock, price $9.69 each. PLus i am a MSRA member, total price for two 882s, need a spear, less than $15.00 bucks. I know GM has to pay back the gov't loan, but do they have to price their factory parts like military prices their stuff to the gov't. Remember the hammer for $200.00 dollars, that was built into the cost the gov't was to pay the military. Just thought i would vent!! Thank again

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