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Question: 85 upgrades

Jun 17, 2017
Wisconsin USA
Hi everyone! Hoping that someone out there has first hand experience with my question. I have a 85 Corvette that I'm looking to try to get more out of. (Go figure, right?) I'm swapping out the heads to a set of aluminum with 64 cc chambers. Compression should be up to 10.3:1. I know the 85's ecm's weren't the greatest but I'm not looking to swap it out along with the needed harness to do so. I'm keeping the TPI and I'm hoping that someone out there has been where I am now. Camshaft! As long as I'm into the engine this deep I figured it's a good time to install a new bump stick. Just wondering how far I should try going with the cam so I don't overcam it and get poor results. In the same instance I'd like to go as much as possible.
Hoping someone out there has been here, done that.
Thanks in advance!

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