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A/C drier replacement



Anyone done this? I looked at the one in my car and just started cussing even before I attempt this feat. How would you get it out and the new one back in? Looks like you can get to the bottom fitting pretty easly but the top one ....holy - moly!!!!!! Also where is the best place to purchase this thing. I picked up what I thought was the replacement at Auto-Zone but after further inspection the one they sold me is close in size but not design. The one I got has to service ports welded into the tank on either side of the top fitting. This won't work because the oem one rests right up against the recovery tank for the coolant sys. Also the bottom fitting on the one I bought has no extension. The oem one curves upwards and is about 5 inches long. Anyone have any experiences with this?

Assuming yours is similar to my 77, the way to get at this a little easier is from underneath. Remove the dust shield behind the wheel well. Put the car on stands so you can get under it. You may also have to remove the coolant recovery tank and set it aside. I think there is a bracket that holds the drier to the evap case. Remove the drier and bracket as a unit after the hoses are disconnected. Hope this helps. Tom
Oh yeah, I would stick with an OEM unit from ZIP or one of the suppliers. I'm pretty sure they sell them.

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