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AC blower relay........


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May 8, 2001
Maurice, LA
1984 Cross-fire Corvette Coupe
Can anyone tell me where it is? I need to change it. Thanks!!!!! :)
I believe it's located near the wiperfluid container.....somewhere on the passenger side near the firewall.

Thanks for the reply JT. My problem is that my blower wont blow on high. The switch and fuse are good. I hear there are two relays, one for the blower, and one for the blower on "high" Haynes isnt helping me out. Any sugestions are appreciated.
GiDvEtTe84 said:
My problem is that my blower wont blow on high.

Gid, that's exactly the same problem I'm having (been having for years now!) with my blower speed. "Low" and "Medium" work fine all the time but "High" sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

Sometimes it'll work for awhile and cut off for no reason, then a little later it will work again.

When I first started having this problem, I didn't have "Low" and "Medium" speeds, but I did have "High". I replaced the switch and the relay. (The relay is located on the evaporator case near the resistors.) The resistors appear to be in good condition on mine. Now I have "Low" and "Medium" at all times, but "High" is sporadic.

I guess I've sorta gotten use to it. ;)

Maybe we can come up with an answer here.

Oh, I almost forgot; when I re-install the relay that did operate the high speed fan, the low and medium settings don't work again. I re-install the new relay and have low/medium - no high (not all the time at least). :confused
I just went through all of this. The blower relay is right under the blower motor in the 85. There is a seperate circuit for the high speed which goes through the relay. If you follow the wiring you will find that the ground to the blower motor also supplies the ground for the wiper washer motor. There is a brown connector that has a red wire, black wire and pink wire. The black is the ground supplied to the blower and washer, the pink is the hot to the washer and the red supplies power to the blower relay and high speed circuit. Now if the high does not work check the ground wire back to the connector as well as the red wire. Mine had gotten hot and somebody unplugged it. Fixed the bad spot in the wire and all works fine... Any questions just ask....


Welcome to the CACC. Thanks for jumping right in and helping out with the blower relay problem. Feel free to contribute any time you can.

85 coupe eh, how about some pics?
Thanks for all your help. I will try all your suggestions when i have time. L8r!! :)

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