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Help! Ac repair.


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Oct 9, 2019
Minneapolis mn
1977 corvette white
I have a all original 77 L82 that the ac is not working. I was able to score 3 cans of r12 ac refrigerant. I have manifold Guage set that is compatible with both r12 and r134 systems. However the adapters will not screw onto the fitting on the back of the compressor. The fitting is to close to the back of the compressor for it to fit. Has anyone else kept their car r12? And has anyone had this problem? How was it solved?
I have my old R12 Manifold. Check with your friends, I would bet someone has one.
I would check the system for leaks before using up my stash of R12. That old Freon went someplace. Likely there is an o-ring or hose leaking.
I'm with Tom. Check for leaks first. You can use compressed air by fabbing a fitting to screw on to the low side valve. After you repair the leak you should replace the accumulator. A system that has been empty for a while may have a contaminated filter. They are not to expensive unless you have a early 77 then things get complicated. As far as charging the system you do not need the high side fitting on the compressor. Hook to the low side and evac the system and charge through the low side as normal.
Sorry for the delay. Thank you all for the advice. here's my problem, unfortunately I do not know anyone with the r12 manifold set. Mine will work but I need a adaptor that screws onto the high and low side ports. low side on the compressor and high side on the accumulator. Your correct that filling it up with air first is the correct way to go, once I have that done I will order the new accumulator after the necessary repairs are made. I just need to get to first base here by locating adaptor fittings so I can retain the r12 but use a manifold set with the new 134a fittings.

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