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Air conditioning controls



Hey, guess what. I found something else wrong with my new toy.

All of the blower settings stay on defroster. They won't change to vents etc. etc.

Is this a mechanical arm or electonic type of gizmo. Should I search for a fuse?

I'm positive you folks are going to get tired of me and send me to some other forum.

I promise I won't ask anymore questions today...
Hey Big, it's most likely a vacuum leak. The actual cables aren't many and they rarely break. Get a GM Service Manual, and maybe a Hayne's or Chilton's book to help you diagnose these things. ;)

Whatever you do though, don't hesitate to ask questions here; we're always glad to help. THAT"S WHAT THIS PLACE IS ALL ABOUT! :D

Thanks Ken, I will do just that. Thanks for the quick response. Seeya
Yup, vacuum. That happened to me. I ended up buying a whole new AC/heater control panel. Fixed me right up, but its a chunk of change. Good luck.

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