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Air Force III Air Intake



I just traded in my '98 C5 auto coupe for a 2002 6-speed convertible. Wow... what a difference! On my '98, I installed a twin tube air intake, borla xr-1 exhaust, 2400 pro torque converter and bla, bla, bla... I just ordered a air forceIII (Donaldson) for my 2002 (see picture) and wanted to know what are the reviews if any.
Congratulations on your new ride. What is it that makes your new 2002 so much better. Is it the 5 extra hp..or the increased torque through the rev band?

Could it be the stick shift is just such a more connected feeling as you shift each gear?

I test drove a friends 01 stick and found that to be quite the reason his car seemed so much quicker..maybe the right word for me was tighter?

The active handling on his 01 was much more seemless as well.

I ask these questions just shooting the breeze and look foward to your reply...

I had the blackwing and its a nice product. It comes oiled so just throw it on..Should be good for 15 ponies at least!

Congratulations and enjoy that new car..

Oh..yeah...one more question..did you trade your car in or sell it on your own? Would you mind disclosing what you sold it for?


Hey JB,
The real difference with the 2002 is:
1) the 6-speed with the 3.42's accelerates stronger. Let me mention that even though I had a 2400 stall torque converter with 3.15's, a borla xr-1 exhaust, twin tube air intake, and hypertech III, the 2002 "pulls" stronger stock!
2) I now have the Z51 with active handling instead of the base suspension... so it's alot tighter.

I traded in my '98 because I didn't want to have people coming to my house or going for joy rides. The dealer gave my 27,500 for my '98 with 34,500 miles in excellent condition.

Happy New Year

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