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I would like to know if anyone has came up with a way to get colder air in the carb?
Air temp

Hello again and welcome to the forums, I forgot to welcome you before. Shame on me. :eek: If you have your stock air cleaner with it's intake tubes and hoses hooked up you are doing pretty good as far as cold air is concerned. An improvement would come from drawing air from the base of the windshield where it will be cooler simply because it is further from the hot road surfice. It is also a higher pressure area so you benifit from a little ram air effect.

You would probably need a L88 style hood with air box and a L88 style air cleaner sealed to the hood air box when it is closed.

Another way would be to follow Chevrolet's lead that they used in the '60s with the first Z28 racers and others. Cut an opening in the cowl and run your air cleaner intake tubes back so they draw cold air from the area that the wipers reside in. Cowl induction without the cowl induction hood. You would have to modify your air cleaner base and hand fabricate a cowl connector and screen but it woild look stock from the outside.



Here`s how I got round the problem. :D


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Alternitively you could try and find the standard dual snorkle air cleaner from an L82 which ducts fresh air from the front of the car. My friend has a 75 with a hood that sucks cold air into the filter from vents at the back near the windscreen, it apears to be standard and is`nt one of those after market hi-rise ones, so maybe you could look around for something similar.


Thanks for the welcome. I like the info on turning the air cleaner around and using the cowl induction. I also thought of trying a new hood or making a scoop in my hood. I have attached a pic of what I would do to my hood.
pretty slick hood scoop.
Welcome White81,

I've dabbled with this idea a little myself. I finally went with an L-88 hood. My car is a '72 so it doesn't look too far fetched. However, when I was running an LT-1/big block hood I built a ram air system that utilized a stock dual snorkle air cleaner with twin flexible ductwork bringing in outside air through a hole in each one of the flexible A-arm covers. Downside was that you could suck in brake dust and other road stuff that resulted in frequent air filter changes and the filters had to be the stock height. A home-made version with a dropped base would allow the use of a taller filter. The cool air it brought in did make a noticeable difference though. Sorry, I don't have any surviving pics of that set-up. If you are interested in something like this, someone does now make an aftermarket sealed air cleaner assembly with dual intake tubes (can't remember who right now). That would be much easier than making it yourself. Your hood design (pretty cool by the way) mated with that type of air cleaner would probably be a neat set-up.


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