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Another distrutor question

Bo Dillingham

Well-known member
Jun 23, 2001
Cortland, NY, 13045, USA
1965 crimson pearl (2002 cadillac?)
First of all, I am an old gearhead, but haven’t worked on cars in about 15 years, so I know what’s going on but am a little rusty.
Suddenly, I have a 65 Corvette with breakerless ignition and a shaft driven tach.
I bought and read the shop manuals, but still have a couple of questions.
1) The car has several condensers in the electrical system, but none in the distributor. Is it possible to change the distributor to a regular chevy unit with points and a condenser? Is this a real bad idea? Does the breakerless ignition work well (it doesn’t seem to have any regular service parts like the points). If I really wanted to change it over to a more standard distributor, what else would I have to change?
2) Also, a couple of friends told me that the shaft driven tachs bounce a lot (mine is not working right now). So now I am wondering if anybody makes an electronic tach that fits into the dash in place of the original.
Thank you for all your help. I don’t know who else to ask, and I am always leary of what my “friends” tell me.
So did u get a new tach???

Let me know I have the same problem
tach drive distributors for sale, Accel hi-po

If this will help ... I have three Accel hi-performance dual point distributors for sale. Two have mechanical tach drive that will drive the factory distributor driven mechanical tach found in 68-74 C3 and some later C2 (about 62-67). One of the the tach drive distributors is NOS ... never been run (pn 30100T). The other is in excellent used condition ... low hours (pn 20100T). The one with no tach drive is also in excellent used condition ... low hours (pn 30100). Any of them will fit both small & big block (except 348 & 409). Of course, any of these will also trigger an electronic tach. Tune-up parts for all three are readily available. My price(s) are much less than a comparable-condition Delco (factory) tach drive distributor typically goes for. eMail me if interested.

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