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any tips on shim head gasket install



I want to use Fel-pro #1094 .015 head gasket.
Should I do anything special to install them?
They have a thin rubber coating.
Should I use sealer like High Tack on them?
The block has low miles and the heads are new.
I went to the Fel pro site, Useless, There's more info on Federal mogul parts in a jegs mag.
thx. rod
I've had good luck using "Copper Coat" gasket compound in the spray can available at Pep Boys, Auto-Zone etc.

Give both sides of the gasket a light coating and let it get tacky and then install.

Worked great on my 61 Vette and 64 GTO.
steel half shafts

Did you use the copper coat on plain steel gaskets.
or the coated ones?
I'm just trying to be careful. Alot of people say the shim gaskets are no good. but my deck height is .041 .
If I go with the .015 the c/r will be 9.4:1.
And I never has gasket troubles in the 60s when lots of the cars ran them.
thx. again rod.
Can't say I've ever used it on coated gaskets, but I've used it on plain steel on my 64 GTO with 11 to 1 compression/ratio, and on composite gaskets as well as solid copper gaskets I use on my BSA motorcycle.

Seems to work!!
head gaskets

Just the fact that they are already coated would say to me that no further coating should be required or desired. If they were bare shim gaskets I would coat them. I used to give then a thin coat of grease in the old days and never had a failure. But then we made wheels of stone too.
I belive that FelPro says that they should be installed as is. Anything you spray on them will soften the coating.

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