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Assistance need to remove the inner door panel..



on a 1995 Coupe. I have removed the 5 fasteners across the bottom of the door, the screw by the door opener, and even a couple of screws to remove the panel holding the mirror and window controls. I thought I could "lift and separate" the inner door panel, but no go.

Can anyone help? The reason I'm doing this is that the door panel is loose at the top and I'm hoping some internal fasteners are broken. HELP!!!
Did you remove the sliding lock mechanism? The screws in the grab hold in the armrest? The screws in the plate for the lock/door handle?

Time and patience is usually all that is required. Just look all around before ripping it off. ;)

_ken :w
And there is a trickey one

On the 95..If memory serves
( everything you have listed so far)
There is one behind the interior door handle there is a plastic cap over it which you must remove to get to the screw.

2 for the door grab area

1 up under the door light
You MUST unclip the door lock( Interior )
slide bar plastic lever cover
(the thingy with the red sticker on it)

And I think that's it

Not certain about your model year, but starting in 84 and going thru at least 93 there used to be heavy duty (looked like velcro) fasteners around the edge of the door panal to prevent it from pulling away at the edges. Check around the edges for what looks to be black plastic blocks of hefty velcro. you must release these before you can get thew door panal to move.
Like someone else said, be vewy vewy caaarful, there's not much slack in the wiring harness to the switches and power mirrors.
I did not remove the sliding lock...

mechanism. Not sure I see how to do it yet. The panel is still attached in that area, though, the lock, door opener, etc, area. I gave up yesterday and will look later. Thanks for the replies.
Door panel

I just did this today , to change my swith.
you know the black lock slider, the thing you can slide back and forth with your thumb instead of electric swith? well that little black thing snaps off and on just leaving lock rod . there is a screw behind that you can see and remove when you unsnap that one piece off. hope that works for you.
door panel

Thx for the info , that's what I did the other day except, on a 1993 ,
Thx Jack

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