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Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017 Coverage

Tom Bryant

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Nov 9, 2000
Edgerton, Ohio, United States
1959 black 270hp (9/2/69) 1981 Beige L81(10/20/80)
I went over for preview day today and took a few pictures. Here's one of my favorites just to get things started. I have been a fan of Mickey Thompson since the '60s. He was an amazing racer and innovator. This is one of 5 Z06s that Chevrolet sent him to prepare and race.

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Here is another Z06 tanker that was sitting next to the Mickey Thompson car.

Lot #1393 - With VIN 9046, this 1963 Corvette split-window Z06 tanker is powered by a 327/360hp "Fuelie" with a 4-speed manual transmission. It's finished in Sebring Silver with a black interior. It has been body-off restored by Naber's of Houston and is in pristine show condition. It's won multiple NCRS Top Flight Awards at regional in January 2013 and October 2012. Bloomington Gold Certified (Appears OEM) in June 2012, it also won Best in Class awards from Santa Fe Concorso in September 2012 and Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance in November 2012. Additionally, it was on display in the National Corvette Museum in 2013 with letter of appreciation. Options include power brakes, power windows, T-10 transmission, 4.11 posi-traction, Z06 heavy-duty brakes and special heavy-duty suspension, N03 36-gallon gas tank, radio delete, aluminized off-road exhaust, tinted glass, hubcaps and 6.70x15" blackwall tires. One of only 199 RPO Z06 Special Performance package Corvettes and one of only 63 N03 Big Tank Corvettes built in 1963. This former Eric Gill car from the 1970s has history and old photos back to 1969-70. It's documented with volumes of research and show data. It's also been editorialized many times, as far back as 1977. The restoration receipts total $138,000 and all show awards, certificates and judging sheets come with it. With a production date of February 18, 1963, it was delivered new by Kardon Chevrolet of Mt. Holly, NJ (dealer code 343 in zone 15), per the official NCRS/GM Shipping Data Records (SDR). Looks, runs and drives like new. (Barrett-Jackson)
I'd take that silver car! Freakin' awesome.
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I added some more information on that silver car. I didn't go out to the auction today. We had a family day and went down to the Titan Missile Museum in Green Valley. More auction tomorrow.

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So many restomods it will take several posts to show them all. One would wonder if the over abundance of these types of cars is diluting the price. I guess we'll know when they start to sell. It appeared that cars today were selling quite well. There were some cars I had a hard time believing what they brought. There must have been a lot of money in the room. The cars I would think would have been bargains weren't.



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Here is a big brake '60, a big brake '62, a nice '53, a '67 435, and a '68 with only 607 miles.


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I like the silver,(what is it? 59, 60?) Resto-mod. That's cool.
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2 nice '57s.


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Here's a nice '66 and a '67 coupe. I apologize for the photo quality as these cars were in a tent and half in the sun.

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A red '62 340 horse and a 427 '68.

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I'm just posting these in the order I took them. There will be a wide mix this way. I don't know what engine was in the '57 restomod. The '67 is a 435. The '60 restomod had a LS and the '96 Grand Sport was one of the nicer ones I've seen lately.

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I like the Panama Yellow on the '58. How about a Fuelie '57 and a Hennessey C6? The '65 had fuelie emblems but appeared to have always been a carbureted car.

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This is an absolutely top quality show car. If you want to call this a restomod it is the best of the lot.


Just sold for $200,000.
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Lot#1062 This yellow '62 was pretty sweet too. Sold for $94,600.00 with buyer's commission.

I saw that too, about the 65. It is a nice looking car though.
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Mike just sold the CERV 1 for 1.2MM. The silver 1963 Z06 Just brought $350,000.


(Barrett-Jackson photo)

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Lot number 1395 1967 435 Milano Maroon 2 top survivor just sold for $160,000. Nice car.


(Barrett-Jackson photo)
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Lot #1451 $137,000. just bought this 1967 435 with only 23,740 miles.


(Barrett-Jackson photo)

Survivor or restored? It looks too clean to be survivor.


$137,000. just bought this 1967 435 with only 23,740 miles.


(Barrett-Jackson photo)


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