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Apr 12, 2001
New England
2010 CRMT Grand Sport Coupe
I'm planning taking the 82 to Bloomington Gold 2002 this summer, meeting up with 59Tom and entering the Gold & Survivor judging. Unlike the NCRS, there does not seem to be any manuals/documentation in order to be prepared. I will attend the judging seminars, but that does not really help the day before. Anyone who has been through the process care to share that experience? Looking for someone who has "been there, done that", what to expect, any documentation available, etc..
Hotel reservations made - just gotta send in the forms.

In the Corvette and Chevy Trader is a column entitled "Ask...The Bloomington Gold Workshops." Readers questions are answered by a Bloomington Gold Workshop Instructor in that field of expertise. When someone asks them this question they always suggest attending the workshop entitled "Getting a Bloomington Gold Certificate" but as Guy said that doesn't do you much good unless you attend the workshop the year before you present the car for certification.

I don't know if there are BG Workshop videos available or not. Steve and Mike Eveloff write the column and I'm sure they would know. I have contacted them at LIMITEDSR@aol.com so we'll see what the answer is.

Hey there 82-Guy,
I have personaly done the "Survivor" portion, and passed, That is pretty basic. Be prepared for the road trip part of the judging, driving about 20 miles in whatever the weather is at the time ( I did in 2000 and it was raining). The Survivor judges the car in sections as a whole. Not each individual part as in NCRS "Top-Flight" judging. Must be original, as in , not re-painted, not undercoated, original motor and drivetrain, original (or not detectable) interior. But it does NOT have to be the prettiest car, cleansleness is not really an issue in Survivor.

I have a "Gold Certification" judging sheet in front of me now, I did not enter this because I feel the high cost was not justified. (just my opinion).
It is very simalar to "Top-Flight", scoring each part and deducting points for flaws or replaced parts. Using "Originality" to score, as well as "Condition" points (scored seperatly)

1) Engine Carpartment
2) Interior
3) Chassis
4) Body & Wheels
5) Tech......(Tech. is "pass" or "fail" only, for each item)

Then they award "Gold" for max. of 425 points deducted
"Silver" for max. of 851 points deducted
"Bronze" for max of 1276 points deducted.

Total points available for 1973-1982 cars = 8,505

If you can Top-Flight your car, you should be at least close or easily make "Gold".

Get your entery in A.S.A.P. because they do limit enteries and do fill up!

Best of luck,
post if you have any more specific questions,
Just another Idea!

I'm thinking of entering the Chicago ChevyVetteFest, "Gold Spinner" award competition. Similar to Bloomington Gold.

Four reasons:
1)Inside at McCormick Center on Chicago's lakefront (warm and dry)
2)happens twice per year, March and November
3)Much less expensive at $60, includes weekend pass for 2-people to the show!
4)Trophy is VERY NICE looking piece :D compared to a "certificate"

website is http://www.midamericapromotions.com

Hope to run in to you some day 82-Guy,
Just recieved a reply back from Steve Eveloff. It seems the Workshop Videos have not been available for some time. However with the BG standard being basically the same as NCRS you should be able to use the NCRS manuals and guides to prepare your car for Bloomington Gold. If you can score a Regional or National Top Flight with the NCRS and pass the PV test (Performance Varification) then a BG Gold Certificate should be in the bag.

Unfortunately, or not, depending on your perspective, if you are attending Bloomington Gold this year it won't be in Bloomington. It has been moved to the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles IL. and the dates have been moved up to June 13 to 16th. This is south of Elgin between the I-88 and I-90 Tollways. I drove that entire area between the lake and I-39 too many years in a 18 wheeler to get enthused about going there for vacation. But that's just my personal opinion. Looks like Sharkfest will be my major Corvette outing this year.

It's Official - New Date and Place

Last night Tom Bryant and I looked up www.bloomingtongold.com and to our surprise the dates and location changed. I told Tom I would make a call for verification. Just got off the phone and Tom's post is correct. New info will be added the their web site next week.

Fastglass95 - Thanks, Tom for your input and congrats on your Survivor certification. The only things on my car that are not original are the tires and battery so I should be in pretty good shape. Now if I can just get around to making those buzzers work again :D. Oh, yeah - the cassette tape won't eject :eek without help.

I lived in the Chicago 'burbs another lifetime ago and do not cherish the idea of driving the 82 there. Maybe I'll just go for the show and seminars this year.

Is anyone else going?


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