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BOSE cd/cass player HELP!


Scott E

I pulled out my 92' bose cd player,bought a take out unit out of a 96,when I plugged it in,you cannot insert a cd,it appears there are 2 bars that are blocking the slit,also there are the letters SCV in the lcd display,any suggestions or know a fix or what I need to do to release those bars?can post message here or at my email .... dijoeboss@aol.com

Try our Diagnostics & Electronics page. We have one or two companies listed there that specialize in Bose radio repair. You might want to give one of them a call and talk to them. Let us know how it goes.
Can't help you with the 2 bars, but the SCV display means the "Speed Compensated Volume" option has been selected on the outer ring of your volume control. :TALK
Does it work at all....the radio even? Could it be some sort of theft deterent system where U need a code like the newer GM Theftlock system?
new info!

I would like to first say thanks to those of you who at least looked at my concern and also to the guys who replied,Thanks! I called 2 places,Dr.Dons corvette,and another radio place,both have links here,Dr.Dons is an AAAAA++++++ business,very nice people.both said the unit needs a belt kit.So,Im gonna send it Dr. Dons for repair! And I highly recomend that you guys call them if you ever have needs with stereos. thanks again,Scott
Awesome!!!!! Glad we could be of some help. Keep us posted on getting it fixed and how it is after you get it back.

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