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Bose Door Speaker Problem


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Okay the problem is I want it out.. Im going to install a MDF wall where hole is a sink my alpines in

Problem is I removed grill and found the "Box" for the bose held in by 4 screws but when I removed those the box seemed to big for the hole (Shoot) so then I removed door panel and found the "Tin Looking" Plate under panel goes right over the box

Anyway Id sure like to know the procedure for this I really didnt feel like removing say my door locks and such to get this plastic thing outta there


Big, I can't remember, but I think when I installed the Pioneer unit and speakers, we just used the boxes that were already in the door. They might not accomodate your speakers though.

Wish I could be of more help here, but the only way I know of getting them out is to tear into the door. :eyerole
When I bought my '85, it came with Infinity 4" speakers already in the door. My original Bose system came to me in a box. The entire Bose box was removed from my door. However, I do remember the Infinity's being Jerry-Rigged in there. Pretty sloppy fit.....They were held in by 3 out of the 4 screws......and I believe some custom holes were justed drilled right through that plastic panel:eyerole

Good luck..........

Arg! Thats what I thought to oh well suck it up I guess Lol
Thanks guys
I wasn't real happy with the install, but the sound that came out of those Infinity's definately made up for it:)


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