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C-3 Headlights



Howdy ya'll,

I have a strange situation with the headlights on my '75. My low beams quit working. When I turn on the high beams, the lows and the highs illuminate properly. However, when I go back to low beam, all of the lights go out. I assume that there is a relay in the circuit. Compounding the question, one headlight went out before the other. However, there is nothing wrong with the lights themselves - they both illuminate when I turn on the high beams.

Does anyone know where the headlight relay is located?
Has anyone seen this problem before and if so, what did you do to correct it?
Is it possible that the dimmer switch is the culprit rather than the headlight relay?

I hope that I have adequately described the situation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you ,

I'm not positive, but I believe that the dual headlights do not have but one filament per lamp. I could be wrong.

I would have to "keep it simple" and believe it was the head lamps that burnt out. If you have a D.C. Volt meter you can disconnect the low beam head lights and check for voltage at the plug, with the lightswitch on you should have around 12 ~ 13 volts then flick on the high beams and see if the voltage remains.

My guess it you will have voltage both times, you can also check the low beam head lights for continuity (check resistance Ohm's) I won't even try to estimate the Ohms you should read probably almost a short or zero Ohms across the filaments..

I changed out the head lights in Rare with BMW head lights.. from the local BMW dealer, by far better head lights than G.E. or Westinghouse.. IMHO.

Good Luck ;)
I have been avoiding doing it, but it looks like I am going to have to rip one of the lights out and stick a VOM on it . . . check for continuity. Bummer . . . oh well . . .

While I'm here, I have to ask Rare 81 . . . I have friends in Modesto . . . do you know a Rick Howard, Don Harless (or any Harless' for that matter) Herman Ebster, Jerry Waymire? Sorry, just had to ask . . .

I've lived in Modesto since 1987 and know all my nieghbors, but that is about it.. I commute over to Palo Alto to work.. so .... when I'm home I'm working on Rare, around the house or GOLFING.. The commute will end in about 2 1/2 years or so :) :) then I can retire..

I used to go to coffee every Saturday and Sunday morning with a bunch of Older ranchers.. but none of the names ring a bell..

Now you have someone else to stop and see when you make the trip North to MOTOWN.. ;)


Next time I am there, you can bet that I'll be getting in touch!!


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