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c-4 dealer promotional models 1984-1992 New in the boxes

Bruce a. Samoila

Active member
Jan 10, 2011
1959 crown sapphire roadster
offering several duplicate C-4 dealer model cars that I purchased new. Decided to just keep one of each and offer the rest to other enthusiasts. Available are: 1984 in Silver, Red , and Bronze; 1985 in Light metallic Blue; 1986 in Gold (this is one of the tougher ones to find); 1988 Convertible in Maroon; 1990 ZR1 in Bright Red, or Polo Green; 1990 cvt. in Bright Red, 1991 cvt. in Cascade White, 1991 ZR1 in Quasar Blue, 1992 ZR1 in Black or Yellow, 1992 cvt. in Black Rose, and 1991-1993 cvts. in white with red interiors and black top up. All models are mint #10 condition in the original boxes and all are priced at $25 each plus shipping, please, which is somewhat less than they cost when new thirty years ago. If interested or for photos of a certain model please write me direct at : fift8imperial@yahoo.com
Never a disappointment on any of these. They are highly detailed pieces and absolutely new, never out of the boxes and never displayed, Thanks, Bruce
I have posted a few photos but will post or send any others that you request.


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