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C3 with Tuned Port Injection and 700R4


Mar 2, 2002
Dark Blue 1982 Trans Am(s): Polo Green 1995 MN6
If anyone has ever thought about installing TPI and a 700R4 in a C3....

Yeah, most of you consider this a sacrelige - but the Corvette hobby is a dysfunctional family too!

No doubt there are countless installs and swaps that people have done with other GM engines and systems, but this is a "spare time" project done by a 25 year old service member.

Please write me and I will tell me what you think!!

This is my site where I have pics and information on the car-

not sacrelidge to me...

hehe. :L I always thought my '81 was underpowered, and my big "dreams" were to turbo the car like the custom Duntov Turbo Convertibles. But of course, $$$ was the issue. I guess that's part of the reason the Vette is for sale now. Looking to get more performance and an all weather vehicle. :D

Anyways, looks cool. let us know some performance figures when you get them! And good luck with the rest of your project.

T Jay
DarkShark78 ~ Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community ~


Here is a 1981 with a newer motor in it ;)
The photo is bigger than we like to see here, but I didn't feel like shrinking it and saving it to my website. It's such a nice job that I'll make this exception, for myself :D

That's a nice job! Where did you get the supercharger installed?

I was looking for a Vortech but they said it won't fit my 88 vette, for the TPI they only make them for camaros/firebirds
JavierN only in my wildest dreams..

I wish this was mine :( it belongs to one of our members at the L81VetteRegistry.. "Murf" I just stole the photo to post here.. It is a very nice looking conversion ;)


Thanks for sharing. No doubt that fuel injection can be an awesome and wonderful thing. One of the cool things about the 700R4 is the very low first gear ratio. It allows for some powerful and quick take off performance. The L98 intake really shines in low RPM conditions, so the overdrive makes for some great cruising.

Rare, that member has built a wicked ride. He has somehow squeezed a supercharger on top of all that. I am beyond impressed.

Do you have an e-mail address where I can correspond with this fellow?
Can't go wrong w/ them TwinTurbo's :D


Installing a 700R4 is pretty simple, you'll need one from a Vette though (preferrably 87 or later) and if that's not possible you'll need a vette tailshaft & governor (non vettes domn't have WOT in overdrive, they shift back)

Here's how you need to mod the trans crossmember:



How does that turbo system work? Does it plumb in under the carbs?

It looks so awesome.
It plumbs into 2 airboxes that still have to go on the carbs (they're being contructed now)

The charge has to go through 2 Callaway intercoolers first :D

You can see the 2 carbs on each side, the airbox goes over that. The turbos don't have any plumbing yet.


I have a 82 vette with cfi that I am going to put TPI on, it already has the 700R4 though, I have also put a 89 camaro serpentine belt drive system on it and had thought about dual electric fans but prefer the more reliable pump driven fan idea better .... way I see it who cares what others think of what you have done with your corvette, when it comes down to it IT'S you who enjoys the car not them, so build it the way you want it
Great project!

While my ride is mostly stock, it doesn't have the original engine, so mods are definitely being considered. Sounds like your 78 will be a screamer when you get done!
Silver aka:Heidi

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