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CAC CruiseFest....2008


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Feb 25, 2002
Cleveland, Ohio
ZZ4, 700R4, Steeroids rack & pinion, VB&P Brakes
Long Time Friends,
Look at this lil' nugget I just dug up! Some of you might recognize a face or two, :beer

That's pretty dog-gone cool Andre! Brought back good memories! Several faces I knew. (RIP Bossvett) Thank you for sharing.

I really miss that old White 94.
Oh did that bring back memories. I have an aversion to being photographed/taped but your parents were so neat that I just had to say yes (after some mom type arm twisting). Good thing she didn't tape the Blender Wars, another highlight of the trip...... The docks with the magnificent ships and the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame were well worth the 3000 mile round trip. We left Colorado in 2012 and live in western Michigan now. Think I need to drive down and take the wife to Slyman's this summer. Best reuben I've ever had. And, you're only about 4.5 hours away. The Corvette went away and we now travel in an XK8 convertible as my knees just didn't bend enough to climb in and out of the C4 anymore.

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