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Car drying with a "leaf blower?" NO WAY!


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Jan 27, 2001
St. Peters, MO.
1996 LT4 coupe + 2004 Z06 Z16
Does anybody here dry there Vette after washing with an electric leaf blower?

If so,
How well does this method work?
Do you still go over it with a damp towel and a dry towel to remove water deposits?
Are any water spots or deposits left after the blowing is done (carefull)?
Does it work on the glass also?

If this really works, I'm in!
I do not recommend it Tom. I tried it once for the hell of it and saw white water spots almost immediately. ;)

_ken :w
Leaf Blower.....

As wierd as it may seem,...... I don't have any experience with the leaf blower thing, but,........ a new friend of mine blew my mind when he pulled out a window squeege after washing his car ! I asked him if he was going to do the windows again, and he said, Yes ! He actually squeeged, ( is that a word ? ) the whole car off, then chamyed, and the car was almost flawlessly clean ! No water spots ! To include the windows ! He said the trick is to find a soft rubber squeegee, and be careful when using it on the paint ! It certainly made quick work of drying the car off, and we are talking about a black car at that !

Rare81 said:

I use my shop vac blower feature, works great ;) also gets all that standing water around the rear window on the 81 out too. Then rub her down with a nice 100% cotton towel.


I also use our Soft Water bib, which helps with the spot control ;)
Ken, I already use a water blade and 100% cotton towels now. It's kind of labor intensive, and hard on the knees.

I'm thinking mostly for my other "non-vette" vehicles. You know, to speed things up a little.

BudD.- Yes, I also use my "soft water spighot" to cut down on dried water stains. But I DO NOT wear a BIB! and my dog, "spot" is always in control.

Also, I'm not sure if a shop-vac conversion to a blower would put out enough C.F.M. to dry the car quickly.
fastglass95 said:
...not sure if a shop-vac conversion to a blower would put out enough C.F.M. to dry the car quickly.

Sure will! ;)

_ken :w
I used a window squeege for years until they came out with those silicon ones made specifically for eliminating water.

It works nice and I don't have to wory anymore about the metal on the window squeege scratching the paint.

I still use old bath towels to dry it.

No, I don't apply talcum powder. :)
I have found four tools essential for complete, efficient drying.

First, I use a California water blade to squeegee off most of the rinse water. (I am careful not to let the plastic handle touch the paint because it can leave a streak that takes a mild abrasive to remove.)

Next, I wipe the water that's left with an "Absorber" chamois.

Finally, with an electric Toro leaf blower in one hand and a 100% cotton towel in the other, I blow water out of nooks, crannies, and crevices and wipe it before it has a chance to dry into spots. I also use the leaf blower to dry the wheels and tires.
I found a perfect way to dry my new ride...it's fairly expensive and can be high maintenance, at times, but the car always comes out perfect.....
originally posted by newbie:
I found a perfect way to dry my new ride...it's fairly expensive and can be high maintenance, at times, but the car always comes out perfect.....

Well, newbie, what is it?

I've got a Comp Yellow '95 that I cherish. I tried the leaf blower this summer for the first time. I would not go any other way now. It give great, streak-free results for me. To get all the little drops though, I finish up with a chamois (sp?).

Man, you talk about a fast dry job.....wow! The neighbors think I'm a little looney, but hey, what the heck. I'm laughing at them drying their cars by hand while I have a nice cold brew.

I accidently discovered the blow-dry when I first blew-dry my riding lawn tractor. I thought.....hmmmmmmmmm!?

Ted Valley
Thanks Ted,

I've got a gift certificate for Christmas to one of the "Mega-Hardware / Home stores" and think I'm going to get on of them and try it. I'm sure to find other uses as well, like maybe even blowing leaves or something in the fall. :eyerole

Thanks, and "Cheers" :beer
Leaf Blower

:_rock YEA~!! :booty I'm NOT crazy! The leaf blower works GREAT! Shoot, I thought it was MY invention! You do have to wipe some places dry but you are done in 1/2 the time!! (Yes the neighbors stare at you but they dont own a vette!!)
I always use an electric leaf blower then follow up with a 100% cotton towel. The blower gets the water out of all of the hard to reach places and I only have to use one towel to quickly get what the blower missed. It works great.
Seeing all of you talking about this is making me want to go out and buy another blower. I'd never use the one I have now since I use it to vac and mulch leaves and it has a ton of dirt and junk caked in the housing. Something tells me I don't want that stuff being propelled onto the Vette at high CFM :eek. Well at least I have a couple of months to think about it;).
ive used a leaf blower for years on all my cars,and it does a exellent job,then follow up with the absorber. the water come out of those hard to dry places,cracks,emblems,and side vents.oh
dont forget to put it up to your side view mirrors and tires and wheels

it cant be to crazy every car wash has a big blower,think about it
I enjoy the 370 dryer method,
That's 3 miles at 70 MPH, then it's on to the slow cruise mode. Sure it doesn't make it showcase perfect, but I'm a firm believer that Vettes should be driven to be thoroughly enjoyed. Sitting in my driveway while I take the time to hand dry it is robbing of my Total Covette experience.
Now if it happens to be a drab, dull, cold day, (rare in lower Al) then I back it into the garage and "baby it" by giving it a TLC wipe down.
Enjoy and Save the Wave

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