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Change Oil light


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
Anyone have the manuel to reset the Change Oil light? I've got an LT-5 manual, but it doesn't go into the electrics. The light came on about 12 miles before I got home to change it :(

Jay, (and Rob),
You guys both own ZR1s. That won't work as well. Try this.
Point the car so it is facing Bowling Green.
Bring down the drivers side window only.
Set the performance switch to Maximum.
Rev the engine up 5 times.
This is critical, 5 times only to signify LT5.
Grip the steering wheel with your right hand.
Put your left arm out the window slightly and do the wave.
Repeat three times. "Thank You Zora".
If you have followed this precisely all the lights will flash at you to let you know that the factory has accepted your request and the Change Oil Light will now be cleared.

If you had an LT1 you coulda just pressed the buttons :crazy

:L :L :L Graham, that's hilarious :D
I'm going to give it a try......

oil light

If u did not find how to do it here it is.Turn on iginition.dpress ENG MET button on trip monitior and release,within 5 seconds repeat procudure then within 5 seconds dpress and hold range button on trip monitior until the oil change light stops flashing.this should take about ten seconds if light does not reset trun igintion off and try again. this is for 1990 to 1991 models.

Hope this helps
Does that work on the L-98's as well?:confused

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