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chassis dyno #s



:grinsanta Hello all I just got off the phone with a fellow lt4 owner who had his bone stock lt4 on th dyno over the weekend. HE told me th he got a # 310 to 316 hp at the rear wheels. Is this possible? OR should I drive overthere and takethe Keys FRom him. If that is true That would meen that the HP at the flywheel hs to be around 365 any ideas Thanks in advance:crazy
Hey Jerry,
That's a good # for a stock LT-4. I've seen stock ZR-1's pull numbers not much higher than that.......anywhere from 320's - 340's at the rear wheels. Not sure of the % of loss through the drivetrain though......

Jerry, check out the Hashmarks LT4 dyno page. 310-361hp is exceptional for a stock LT4. From what I've seen, bone stock LT4's tend to run 300rwhp, which using a 15% drivetrain loss comes out close to 350bhp (yep, GM under rated the LT4:)).

I guess with ideal conditions, and the right dyno those numbers might be possible. Usually they require a cat back exhaust at the very least.

Thanks Jason. :bash :grinsanta You save dmy pal from a thrashing. Ive often Thought that The LT4 was under rated. I guess GM didnt want THE 96 competing with the LS1 :_rock
jerrys96lt4 said:
...I guess GM didnt want THE 96 competing with the LS1 :_rock

You got that right. The whole reason the LT4 even exists was to keep people interested in the '96 Corvette. With the demise of the ZR-1 in '95 and the brand new C5 in '97 there was nothing in '96 to capture the imagination of the general public. So the LT4 was dreamed up.

From everything I've read about the motor, the concensus is that it was under raited on purpouse. It'd look pretty bad if an "old" gen II LT4 put our more hp than the brand new gen III LS1. But the fact is, the LT4 is the most powerfulln production small block ever in a Corvette... untill the LS6 anyway.:_rock


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