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New to this site.Does anyone know who may do chroming on plastic. I would like to get the side fins on my 80 done. Thanks for the help

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. If you haven't already done so, you may want to check the Repair and Restoration shops and Parts and Accessories sections of the Corvette Portal. I'm not sure if there are any listings there that would be suitable, but it's worth a shot. I entered so many listings in there, I forget what's there and what isn't. :) Good luck.
Welcome To The Corvette Action Center SILVRTOY!

...the side fins on my 80

"side fins" :confused

Rob said:
I entered so many listings in there, I forget what's there and what isn't.

:L Rob certainly has done a lot for this site, but I don't know about fins on a Vette! :upthumbs

The 80 ~ 82 had plastic black inserts in the front fenders between the wheel well and the door. geeeeeezzzzzzz I can't take you anywhere. :D

I'm sure any reputable plating shop can do the chrome work. We have one here in Modesto, CA. that is fantastic. The do a lot of work for the Hot Rodders around here. Plating companies are being crunched by the EPA and others because of the type of by products produced and the use of Lead.

I've also seen them advertized in some of the after market Corvette mags.

Good Luck & Welcome to the Community ;)


Ok Ok so I blew it with the side vents. Louvers it will be thanks all for the help
Hey SILVRTOY! Don't take me the wrong way, I can get pretty weird sometimes. I really shouldn't do things like that and make such a bad impression.

Hang around, you'll get used to me. :Silly

plastic chrome


Plastic plating is a specialized process and the quality has gone up in the last few years. If you don't find anything in the Portal go to Hemmings Motor News www.hemmings.com . Check in the "Services offered" section. There are several plastic chromers of high repute advertised there.

Louvers??????Fins?????? I thought they were gills........:J But I think the proper name is "black plastic thingys in the fenders"............:D............Steve
Black plastic thingys in the fenders

Yup. That's what I'd call 'em!
Re: Black plastic thingys in the fenders

78SilvAnniv said:
Yup. That's what I'd call 'em!
You're all wrong, they're psuedo vent thingamabobs.
And you call yourselves Vette people!

I have seen ones already plated in catalogs way back before I owned a Vette, I think they even came with gold colored plating.:puke You might want to check eBay too. Who knows, you might run across some at Carlisle if you're there.

If them there dohickies on the fender are plastic they require a special plating process different than metal. I forget the two word term for it but its not a toxic operation like chrome plating and you should look in the phone book under plastic plating.
Roy.........I live in the NC area. Do you know of a plating service in your area

Another place to check out is Frankford Plating, Inc. They're in Philadelphia, but it might be helpful to you. I've added their information to our Portal Project. Their site is http://www.frankfordplating.com

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