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Cloth inserts for the 79's



I have only ever seen the cloth for the vinyl/cloth seats once, when I lived in Colorado Springs. The upholstery guy wanted $500 to do both seats. Has anyone ever seen a 1979 with the vinyl/cloth seats, instead of the vinyl/leather seats? My interior is Oyster, by the way.

Fredric, Yes I have a 79 with cloth vynal, oyster seats in the shop now. We are going back with leather though, because the cloth /vynal is so hard to find and the cust wants leather..................Steve

How torn up are the customer's cloth/vinyl seats?

Frederic, I don't think you would be interested in them, but you can click on my web page below and go to "Project 79" there is a picture of them. If you are interested though, I'm sure that when we get the new seats(which may be a month or so) I'm sure I could give you a "real" deal on 'em..........Steve

Just saw the pics of the seats.........hmmmmm.....if they were original, I'd say I don't care what shape they're in (the passenger side actually looks okay), but that's not the original cloth pattern for an oyster interior. I do like the house carpet job, though......LOL. Reminds me of a buddy's 75 Chevy Van 10, with the brown shag interior.

Yea, it's hard figuring out what is and what is not original on this poor ole car...........so, the cust has lots of money, we're just going to replace everything........Remember a real deal can be had on them seats;) ...........Steve

Thanks anyway, but I do have a question for you...did you get my email about the Gymkhana suspension?

Yes, Just got it a little while ago, I will check on it in the AM, I know I can get the rear spring, and the bilstien shocks. I will get the build book out and see what else should be there........................Steve..........You sure you don't want them seats?????:)
Unless you're givin em away, no thanks.....LOL. Question on the rear Gymkhana spring....in Eckler's and Mid America and Corvette Central, they list a Gymkhana for up to 75, and it's 2 1/4" wide...my spring is 2 1/2" wide....what width are they looking at? The top view, where that little nipple sits, or the side width? Seems that if the Gymkhana were a 7 leaf spring vs my 9 leaf spring, it would be about 1/2" shorter, not 1/4". Why is it that there is never a Gymkhana spring listed for 78-82, when it was an option?


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