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composite spring



My 3 yr. old appx. 6000k composite spring failed in my 1970. My bubby's low time 1980 also failed! they were 315lb. TRW's. Both de-laminated front side near the diff. both driver's side.I just happened to spot mine. Anyone else have this problem?. This could be down right deadly!
I moved this into the SHARK area.. interesting that 2 failed.. Hopefully you/we will get more comments here ;)
I used a an 82 composite spring in mine. It had well over a hundred thousand miles in the 82 and has had well over 30,000 in my 78. No problems. I even dropped the car on a jackstand and the spring caught the fall. A little gouge, but no delamination. Chevy has been using these springs since 82; they are well proven!
I have a Vette Brakes composite spring on my LS4, no problems. Sounds like this may be a TRW issue rather than a composit spring issue.

The composite on the 82 is fine with over 70k.
do you have a picture (close up) of the failure?
The factory fiberglass spring in my 81 failed while I was driving, went over a bump in the road and heard a loud cracking noise. I couldn't see the crack until I pulled the spring off, sure enough it had a small crack just to the outside of where it mounts to the differential, drivers side. Heat is also a bad thing for composite springs, make sure you have a heat shield in place. Since I have sidepipes it no longer matters, but I don't like Vette Brakes suspension products and bought a 7-leaf steel spring because I wanted a firmer ride.
c4ever said:
The composite on the 82 is fine with over 70k.

I think tom73 is right it is probably a TRW problem.
GM actually first used the composite spring on the 81's. Mine is original with 56K for milage and no indications of deterioration. I do look it over closely whenever I have the car in the air for maintenance.

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