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could it cause a catastrophic failure?



While doing some work on my '87 Corvette, I noticed a crack near the bolt hole on the metal spring mount plate. I thought I would go ahead and change both just in case the other was weakened. As I removed the long bolt from the cracked one the thing came off in two pieces. It made me wonder what would have happened if it had failed during a hard run on an entrance ramp to the freeway? I was just wondering, does anyone know? I am glad I didn't find out the hard way.
One other unrelated question. Before I bought the car someone had upgraded the wheels to the directional syle wheels from a '96. In magazines and catalogs they say you need adapters to put these wheels on a "87. Mine seem to fit without adapters, as there are none on the car. They are 17x8.5 and 17x9.5. I have checked them closely and find on interference or fitment problems. Anyone know why? Could someone have changed the rotors and brake calipers too? I noticed the rotors are cross-drilled. I don't know if the '87 had that available that year. Thanks so much.

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